“THE PHILISTINE is what comix should be – sleek, stylish and smart. I remember, back in the day, rushing to pick up WOLVERINE: THE PHILISTINE gives me that same feeling. Nick Bottom is THE new comix hero.” – Don Winslow, NYT Bestselling Author & Raymond Chandler Award Recipient

“...Depth of character ... Brilliant pacing ...introspective dialogue. Comparisons to Batman are inevitable but complimentary... Bravo!” – Comic Buyer’s Guide

“[THE PHILISTINE Anthology/Chronology] takes the best elements from BATMAN and secret agent stories to make for a highly entertaining yarn. …Both exciting and tragic...this book leaves you reeling...” – Wizard

“Who are these guys and why doesn’t everybody know about them? THE PHILISTINE is a breezy delight from start to finish. Ten times as charming as THE PUNISHER.” – Hero Illustrated

“...Well designed and fabulously styled.” – Dave Cockrum, Artist of the UNCANNY X-MEN

“THE PHILISTINE combines the bombast of ‘New Comics’ with a Silver Age flavor.” – Previews

“…Social satire with…noir sensibilities…[an] action-packed story…and complex characters...” – Cultcuts Magazine

WARNING: Most of this press predates the interweb.

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