Mean Time Productions is the banner under which the content of Connecticut-based writer/producer/director Michael Mongillo and LA-based writer/producer/actor Jason Alan Smith is monetized.

Our constant partner on all our movies is the indispensable Taylor Warren.

The willing participants of these occasional tyrannical collaborations include David Wexler, Jim Charbonneau, Eloise Asmuth, Carlee Avers, Davis Mikaels, Derek Zahler, Dick Boland, Jay Hollinsworth, JayJay Jackson, Jeff Hoyt, Anthony E. Griffin, Jackie Zbuska, Suzanne M. Marquis, Lucille Giammatteo, Bob Bannon, Thomas Edward Seymour, Bruce Seymour, Doug Tompos, Kathy Searle, Zeke Rippy, Rob Ten Pas, Jeff Reilly, Austin Wintory, Len Miller, Johnny Lee Michaels, Christopher Klatman, Danny Roth, Todd Dzicek, Jason R. Clark, James Thalman, Joanna Bonaro, Maggie Champagne, Michael Zittel, Kate Orsini, Bryan Capri, Marty Lang, Christopher Polack, Debbie Rochon, Vicki Roberts, Dan Sherkow, David Stern, and a lot of other non-hacks definitely worth mentioning.
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